Monday, December 22, 2014

What is Christmas

What is Christmas well mote people think it is about seta bout we know it as Jesus birthday and here is some more things about it! =)
The wreath is constructed of evergreens to represent everlasting life brought through Jesus and the circular shape of the wreath represents God, with no beginning and no end.       
    The candy cane symbolizes well the (J) symbolizes JESUS! The hook symbolizes shepherd's staff. The red symbolizes Jesus blood. The white symbolizes the purity of Jesus!  The Christmas tree symbolizes Jesus dying like win we kut it down and win we put it up again it symbolizes Jesus rising from the dead!  Win people start saying happy holidays say Merry Charismas (why) because there tiring to get Christ out of ever thing even the word Christmas, that’s ok to say happy holidays jest it is niss to remind people hoes birthday it rally is!

The word Christmas?
"Christmas" is a compound word originating in the term "Christ's Mass". See the word Christmas has to do with Christ that is why they are tiring to clang the name. It is derived from the Middle English Christmases, which is from Old English Crtstesmeasse, a phrase first recorded in 1038 followed by the word Cristes-messe in 1131.
Jesus did not force himself on us he came to the lowest the poorest and he lived and want throe everything like floggings, persecution, suffering, and murdered everything else you can imagine! So Jesus understands!!!!!  

That was fun!